Buying Property in the USA

Buying Property in the USA

You know property investment makes sense. Over countless generations, smart investors have made property the cornerstone of their wealth creation strategy.

But timing is everything, and you’re understandably concerned about investing in Australian property right now, at the peak of what many economists believe to be the most dangerous housing bubble in the world.

Fortunately, you’re not limited to investing only in Australia. Overseas markets carry much lower risk at this point in the cycle. And the market that holds the greatest opportunity for Australian investors today is the US real estate market.

That’s where we come in. At American Properties, we help you build wealth safely and reliably, in one of the world’s most exciting and lucrative housing markets.

Why should I invest in property?

A recent survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that the likelihood of achieving financial freedom is low. 80% of men and 66% of women aged 55-59 remain in the workforce, and 56% of Australians aged 60-64 have still not retired.

Many older Australians end up working beyond retirement age, reliant on government support to cover their daily expenses. But the Age Pension is only $20K per annum for a single person, or $30K for a couple – an income level that is below the poverty line.

Clearly you want to avoid this fate, but in order to become financially independent you must reach a position where you no longer rely entirely upon your job for money. You need to be earning a passive income, while also protecting and growing your capital.

Direct property investment is the safest and most reliable path to this goal.

Why US Property in particular?

As a politically stable country that welcomes foreign investors, the USA presents one of the most exciting opportunities in decades for Australian investors.

US house prices are now in the early stages of a new growth cycle, with excellent prospects for future capital growth, after declining between 2007 and 2012 due to the Global Financial Crisis.

Not only are US properties of exceptional quality and highly affordable, but they’re also normally cash flow positive from day one.

And the USA is also enjoying strong economic growth. Wages have been increasing rapidly, and the unemployment rate continues to improve from already low levels.

This is in stark contrast to the Australian economy, which has weakened considerably since the end of the mining boom, and where wage growth is at record lows, while house prices are at all-time record-highs – a dangerous combination.

Like most Australians, you probably already hold investments in Australian property and superannuation funds, leaving you heavily exposed to the deterioration in Australia’s economy. Investing in US property diversifies your asset base, safeguarding a portion of your portfolio against any local economic downturn.

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How we help you

We’re experts in the field of American property investment, with a proven track record and dozens of delighted clients.

Investing in US property can be complex. There are certain actions that must be undertaken to correctly structure your investments and integrate yourself into the US taxation and legal system. These mandatory processes would be unfamiliar to most Australian investors. They include:

  • Incorporating a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Obtaining an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
  • Establishing a foreign exchange service to transfer funds between Australia and the USA
  • Connecting with a reputable US accountant appropriate to your personal situation
  • Miscellaneous filing and paperwork

But relax. As an American Properties member we do the hard work for you. While it’s important that you understand and comply with these requirements, we handle everything for you quickly and cost-effectively.

We begin by scheduling a consultation with you, to understand your individual investment goals. Then we ensure that all necessary steps are completed – and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home. (Of course, you’re also welcome to join us ‘on the ground’ in the USA if you prefer.)

As an American Properties member, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to our premier properties (properties that pass our rigorous 45-Point Investment Analysis System).

And you can also purchase property from any other provider in the United States. Additional sources may include real estate agents, other US investment property companies, private investors, and web-portals like Zillow and

What other advice can you give me?

Our first piece of advice is this – don’t rush. As with any investment, the US property market should be approached with diligence and consideration.

Take time to learn about the US housing market, and the risks and benefits associated with US property investment. A great place to begin is right here – the American Properties Real Estate Investor University. Our University is designed to build a foundation of knowledge that prepares you to profit from this unprecedented opportunity, while minimising your risk.

Whether you choose to use our services or not, our priority is to help you succeed. The wealth of free information in our Real Estate Investor University is the ideal place to begin. If you do prefer to go it alone, these free resources show you how to perform all the necessary steps entirely by yourself.

We highly recommend that any property you purchase should be a turnkey residential home. Turnkey means the property is fully renovated and has existing tenants. This means no cleaning or repairs are needed, there are no legal problems, and there’s no hassle of finding, qualifying and leasing to new tenants. Turnkey properties are fully established and will produce positive cash flow from your first day of ownership.

We cannot stress strongly enough that you should never attempt a renovation/rehab on a US property. By dealing with contractors in a different time zone, with different rules and regulations, and the inevitability of unexpected problems, you would be setting yourself up for financial failure. And we know this from experience.

I’m interested! What’s the next step?

This was a high level overview of buying a property in the USA. We encourage you to read the remaining articles in this section and then move on to the rest of the site.

Knowledge is the biggest factor that determines the success of your investments. The more you learn, the more successful you’ll be, so please make the most of our free resources.

And don’t delay your decision for too long. Buyers are already purchasing US housing inventory at a lightening pace, and high-quality homes are becoming harder to source. The opportunity of a lifetime won’t last forever.

If you’d like our assistance to proceed, then as soon as you’re ready to act, don’t hesitate to contact American Properties, and begin your journey to wealth and financial freedom.

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