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New York, New York – The Capital City of the World. A short description cannot do this great city justice. It’s the most populous city in the US, an economic powerhouse and a cultural icon. In 2008 it was reported to control 40% of the world’s finances. The real estate market here is in a class of it’s own. Manhattan is an investment playground for institutional investors and foreign millionaires, while the surrounding boroughs contain properties at price points practical for smaller investors. Cashflowing properties can be challenging to find and most investors are purchasing for long term appreciation potential. For most of our members we recommend investment opportunities outside New York simply because of the high cost of entry. However, for the brave, we periodically obtain access to off-market residential and commercial properties ranging in price from 1 Million to 50+ Million.

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    Statistics for Single Family Homes and Condos in New York, NY

    Employment by Sector and Trends

    EmploymentSectorsNYC   UnemploymentTextNYC Note: Recessions shown in grey   EmploymentTextAtlanta   HouseholdIncomeTextNYC
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