Pittsburgh City Report

Pittsburgh State : Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is located in western Pennsylvania and is the 2nd most populous city in the state after Philadelphia. It’s known as Steel Town for it’s legendary history in the steel industry and the rise of modern america. However, as the steel industry left in the 1980s, best rolex replica the city was economically decimated. Since then the city rebuilt itself into diverse and resilient economy that was able to avoid most of the impact of the Global Financial Crisis. During the GFC housing prices remained stable, and jobs were being added in stark contrast to the majority of the nation where jobs were being lost and housing prices plummeting. Currently Pittsburgh is not on the radar of many investors both internationally and domestically. However investors are beginning to notice the low cost of entry ($25,000), high net yields (15%+) and modest to high appreciation potential. Pittsburgh wont fly under the radar for much longer, act quick.

Cashflow Rating :
Appreciation Rating :
Population (MSA)
2015 Appreciation Rate
Average Rent
Rental Vacancy Rate
Homeownership Rate
Persons per household

    Statistics for Single Family Homes and Condos in Pittsburgh, PA

    Employment by Sector and Trends

    EmploymentSectorsPittsburgh   UnemploymentTextPittsburgh Note: Recessions shown in grey   EmploymentTextAtlanta   HouseholdIncomeTextPittsburgh
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