Trenton City Report

Trenton State : New Jersey

Trenton is located in Mercer County and is the capital of the state of New Jersey – one of the richest states in America. Trenton is known for being one of the most undervalued cities in the entire U.S. It is located 1 hour 35 min by train from New York City and 30 min by train from Philadelphia. One of the benefits of buying in Trenton is that it opens the door to visits to NYC being tax deductible. We can refer you to accountants who can advise you fully on this.

Cashflow Rating :
Appreciation Rating :
Population (MSA)
2015 Appreciation Rate
Average Rent
Rental Vacancy Rate
Homeownership Rate
Persons per household

    Statistics for Single Family Homes and Condos in Trenton, NJ

    Employment by Sector and Trends

    EmploymentSectors UnemploymentText Note: Recessions shown in grey   EmploymentTextAtlanta HouseholdIncomeText Note: Data for Trenton-Ewing, NJ MSA
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