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US Bank Account Setup

US Bank Account Setup

As an American Properties member we are able to assist you with obtaining a US bank account.

In the wake of 9/11 and the years that followed, the US banking industry has become increasingly regulated and risk adverse. New regulation such as “Know Your Customer” (KYC) came into play and in 2013 banks simply stopped opening accounts for foreign nationals without having met them face-to-face on US soil. Not only that, without warning they closed thousands of these accounts owned by legitimate Australian property investors causing exactly the type of chaos you’d imagine.

If you have already tried to open a US bank account yourself you’ll have no doubt experienced first-hand how unwilling US banks are to work with you.

American Properties however, has been able to leverage our reputation and experience to partner with HSBC who are willing to open accounts for our members without requiring a visit the
In addition we have a number of regional banking partners who will open accounts for our members without requiring a visit to the USA.

We also have a relationship with a foreign exchange provider who will setup an exchange account with a US side bank account that can be used to send and recieve US bank wires. This option is available to non-members free of charge – feel free to reach out to us about it.