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Buying my first US investment property

If you want to invest in US Property but don’t know where to start then look no further. Our mission is helping people just like you secure the best investment properties the US has to offer. We make the process as simple and straight forward as possible, all while eliminating risk and avoiding any pitfalls. Leverage our skills, experience and network of US resources to reduce your risk, headaches and maximise your profits.

We take our members from the concept of wanting to invest in the USA to owning their first property in as little as 1 month. We walk you through the entire “Initial US Setup” process where we help you establish the 6 key things you’ll require in order to invest in the US:


Your unique Tax ID with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

US accountant

To handle all your US tax affairs. Including filing of appropriate taxation forms, filing tax returns, and much more.

FX account

To transfer money between the US and Australia for rates far cheaper than the banks and save $1000’s of dollars over the course of your investment.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) can provide legal protection and taxation benefits beyond owning property in your own name, which many consider to be unnecessarily risky.


To secure effective financing against your US properties.

Property Management

Competent, well-priced property management to look after the day-to-day of your US property investment.


After this you’re ready to invest!

Once your initial “US Setup” is complete complete we can help you with everything that comes next. But, for those of you who want to operate independently, that is totally fine too! You can purchase any property you choose or pursue any investment strategy you choose. Your “US Setup” does not restrict you to exclusively working with us in any way. Many clients are looking for this kind of assistance and we’re happy to help.

However, the vast majority of our clients want help purchasing the best properties available in the US and that is our speciality! We’re able to give you access to the best US investment properties from our huge network of Turn-Key property providers. All of these Turn-Key properties are fully renovated, have a tenant living there, have local property management in place, are able to be financed, and are CASH FLOW POSITIVE!

We are able to provide properties in any US state, however our detailed analysis of US housing, macro and micro economic, demographic, and other data highlights what we believe to be the most investor advantaged locations to invest in inside the USA. After identifying the very top investment locations in the USA we glean the top 1-2% of properties in those markets for our investors to purchase.

If you want to start your US investment portfolio, start it right! Contact us NOW to find out more 1800 642 144

Current owner of US investment property

We’re not going to waste time telling you why the US is a great place to invest, as an owner of US property you understand the opportunity first hand. Perhaps you own 1 property perhaps you own 100, either way we can help you. With our professional expertise we can help you restructure your US property portfolio in order to meet your investment needs better. Do you want more cashflow? Do you want higher leverage and more properties? Do you want better finance terms? Do you want to liquidate some properties to pay down others? Want to scale up and buy a large multifamily property?

Let us help you:

Acquire more properties

We have a very wide selection of turnkey properties in the USA to satisfy any investor’s needs.

Diversify into other types of investments

Perhaps you are considering larger multifamily buildings or commercial deals? For established and accredited investors we have many unadvertised options.

Refinance your existing portfolio

Do you want to free up capital or just get better terms? Either way, we can help. We have partnerships with HSBC, Wall Street institutional lenders, US banks, private equity firms, and a number of mortgage brokers specialising in asset based and foreign national lending.

Sell your properties

Want to liquidate 1 or more properties to facilitate another purchase or business venture? We can help. If your properties are performing investments we can refer them to our client base, if they’re non-performing or distressed we can help you make the most financially beneficial exit possible.


Contact us NOW to find out more 1800 642 144

Institutional and HNWI investors

For investors with a minimum 300k USD to invest we are able to offer specialised investment options and superior white glove service. You’ll have direct access to a dedicated representative able to facilitate any kind of investment including, but not limited to

– Packages of 5-100 single family properties. All properties will be stable, performing assets.

– Access to small to medium size multifamily properties

– Ownership of large apartment buildings either through direct purchases or through syndication – either as manager or a passive-investor.

– Extremely low rate financing for purchases of residential assets valued greater than 500k. Think bluechip assets like; NYC apartments, Miami condos, LA mansions, and 1-4 unit multifamilies across the US.

– Institutional lending from our partners on Wall Street. Non-recourse, asset-based lending against portfolios of single family and multifamily properties located in multiple states across the continental US. This loan product is designed to facilitate building a portfolio of unlimited size.

– Commercial deals; Office buildings, Hotels, Retail, whatever it might be, we can help.

– Mortgage Note investing – Buy mortgage notes and earn a fixed income without having to worry about maintenance, vacancy and other concerns that come from owning real estate.

– Private lending opportunities. Make 20%+ on your money through funding renovations and other deals.

– And more…

Contact us NOW to find out more 1800 642 144

We take the hard work and risk out of investing in the USA.

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