Property Sourcing and Due Diligence

Property Sourcing and Due Diligence

Simply no one has access to better US investment properties than American Properties. We have a massive inventory across all 50 states to choose from and we utilise our proprietary 45 Point Investment Analysis System for identifying the very top 1-2% of high quality investment properties available in the US market. Simply put – our members have access to the very best investment properties the US property market has to offer.

Unlike many of our smaller competitors who only operate in a small handful of markets or have restrictive exclusivity agreements with particular suppliers – we are truly unbiased in regards to the properties we source on your behalf. We operate across all 50 states and have no exclusivity agreements with any particular suppliers. With no geographic, contractual or any other type of restrictions we are truly able to offer you the best property for your investment needs. Best of all, we are the only major company able to charge our members absolutely no “buyers fees” of any kind when purchasing a property – instead we push these costs onto the seller of the property saving you $5000-$10000 on every transaction.

As an American Properties member you will undergo a consultation with your dedicated American Properties representative to determine exactly the type of properties that fit your investment criteria and goals. Perhaps you want a property in New York with strong appreciation potential, or a property with high cash flow in Atlanta, or maybe you are unsure and need guidance to determine exactly what you want.  After your initial consultation is complete and we have determined what you are looking for, we will provide you with first access to properties that have been selected exclusively for you.

Property Sourcing

To provide our members with access to what we believe to be the largest network of US investment properties we garner our inventory from many sources, including but not limited to

  • Real estate agents
  • US based turnkey housing providers
  • Banks (REO)
  • Tax Deed and Tax Lien Sales
  • Foreclosures
  • Private investors

Due Diligence – 45 Point Investment Analysis System

We are extremely selective in the properties we present to our members. Each property we examine undergoes our proprietary 45 Point Investment Analysis System to ensure it is of the utmost quality. This selection process identifies the top 1-2% of opportunities in the market and rejects the remaining 98-99%. Some of the things we consider in our investment analysis are:

  • Cash flow
  • Appreciation potential
  • Comps (Comparable value properties)
  • Rental demand
  • Age of structure
  • Neighbourhood trends
  • Population trends
  • Proximity to schools, shopping, and recreation
  • Transport links
  • Planned developments
  • Economic factors in the city, county, and state

You can rest assured that any property that we offer you is of the highest quality and a solid investment. In addition to the due diligence performed by American Properties when we present you a property, we will assist you in obtaining an independent property inspection. This is designed to highlight any cosmetic faults, structural issues, or any other problem that may exist inside the property.

We take the hard work and risk out of investing in the USA.

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